Warning: Erotic Romance Excerpt – Adults only!












He crossed to her and pulled her up into his arms. “Darlin’.” He rubbed his hard, hot cock against her mound. “Let’s break it in.”

She laughed and tugged his shirt off over his head, threw it aside, and went right for his jeans. Their first time was always wild, but tonight, she was feral. Their clothes ended up in a pile next to one of his new nightstands.

“How do you want it, cowboy?” Her breath panted from her lips, her eyelids drooped, sexy and hungry.

Every drop of blood from his brain rushed to his rod. His ass tightened and released, needing to be pumping his cock into her soft, hot slit. He smelled her musk and cupped a hand over her nearly-bare pussy. What creative shape had she gotten waxed into her blonde curlies this week? Juices dripped from her swollen lips as his fingers stroked, slowly at first, then faster, carrying her natural lubricant up to her hard little clit.

Each pass of his fingers made her shudder and gasp, until she had no muscle left to stand.

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