Exciting news! The Wild Rose Press has accepted my M/F/M menage. The contract is being created at this moment, and we’ll be working on edits – and a new title! LOL I’m not all that great at titles, I guess.

Here’s an excerpt to tease you:

Megan looked at the two men, both so gorgeously handsome, both so interesting and smart. Sexy and funny. If she had to choose, she didn’t know which one she’d go for. Trey was quiet and humble. Garret had a cocky side, but deep down he was vulnerable and kind.

She still couldn’t believe it. She didn’t have to choose. A short walk back to the hotel, and a long night of decadence.

Within minutes, they were in the glass elevator of their hotel heading upward toward the 37th floor. Her body shimmered with sensual expectation, her head muzzy with the thrill of the unknown.

Trey took her arms and turned her to him. “How do you feel about this? Really.”

She had to blink a few times to regain some brain function. “About?” She wanted to hear him say it, make sure it wasn’t all a misunderstanding.

Garret stepped in behind her, pressing his hips, and a hard piece of man flesh, against her ass. His hands slid from her waist to her stomach. “We both want you. At the same time.”

Her belly tightened as moisture flooded from her pussy.

Trey bracketed her face with his hands. “We’ll be gentle, sweetheart.” His gorgeous blue eyes stared into hers. “We’ll go as slow as you’d like.”

“I…” She had to swallow her uncertainty. “I’ve never done this.”

He smiled. “We knew that.” Tilting her head, he stepped closer and kissed her. His lips, firm and warm, pressed gently against hers.

On a sigh, she opened her mouth and he moved in. His hands held her tighter, his tongue pressed in and touched hers, lapping and coaxing hers.

Garret’s hands slid upward, cupping the bottom of her breasts. His lips opened on the sensitive skin of her shoulder, his tongue tasting her.

Racing chills blasted through every nerve ending. Her nipples tightened to peaks as he worked his hands on her breasts.

Trey slowed the kiss, tracing her lips with his tongue. “Come home with us.” He spoke against her lips, the vibration ricocheting through her mind.

Garret’s fingers brushed over her nipples as the elevator slowed. “Be with us, Megan.” His voice sounded desperate.

As the elevator doors slid open on the 37th floor, Trey took Megan’s arm, Garret stepped forward and held the elevator door open, and she nearly fainted from the lack of male attention. They were both tens on the sexy scale, and probably elevens on the seduction technique grid.

Either one of them would be a dream lover for her, but she could have them both. She wanted them both, but to give in to that desire might cost her more than she was willing to forfeit.

Trey linked their arms and laid her hand on his forearm, guiding her forward.

She met Garret’s gaze. She expected hot, wild desire, but the exaggerated dose of pleading on his face made her smile.

The concierge stood. “Good evening.” It was a woman she’d never seen before.

The men returned the greeting, and Garret gestured toward their suite. “Ms. Shore, how about a quick drink before bed?”

A half laugh bubbled out of her, which she covered with an “Mm hm. Thank you.” How could she resist spending more time with these two incredible men? She could always have a glass of wine, thank them for supper, and retreat back to her suite.

Trey smiled down at her, his eyes gleaming, as he guided her to the suite. “Megan.” It was all he said, but his low, sexy voice carried hours of promise.

Inside their suite, Trey asked, “Wine?”

She nodded. “Yes, please.”

The cowboy walked away, Garret took her purse, shawl, and the bag of their leftover desserts, and set them on the entry table. “Stay a while.”

When she opened her mouth to explain all the things going through her brain, he stepped close and pulled her against him.

Tipping her slightly backward, he grinned. “It wasn’t a request.” He took her mouth with his, an intense, world-shattering kiss. His tongue sucked hers into his mouth where he played and teased, tasted and nibbled.

Megan held onto his shoulders as everything inside her melted and flowed hot.

His hand found her ass and pulled her tight against his erection. His hips ground, proving his desire for her as his shaft created friction in the fabric between him and her mound.

In an almost orgasmic state, her core contracted, released, and did it again, the pulsing sending electric charges up her spine.

Slowly he stood her upright, taking long, lingering tastes of her mouth, her teeth, her lips. “Delicious.”

“Ain’t she?” Trey’s voice came from behind her.

Garret released her as Trey stepped in and pressed her back against his chest, his erection against her ass, his lips against her ear. “I poured wine, but it’ll keep.” His tongue played with the small earring in her lobe.

Garret stepped closer and put his lips near her other ear. “Your call, Megan. The couch for a glass of wine? Or the bedroom, for the main course.”

His hot breath, his invitation, flooded her and her knees buckled.

The men pressed closer, holding her up between them. They waited, needing her decision, kissing and nibbling at her ears in a stereo seduction so potent, she felt her brain spin.

“Bedroom,” she whispered.


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2 comments to “A Sexy Excerpt from My Newly Contracted Menage”

  1. Mirriam Smyth
    October 16th, 2012 at 1:22 pm · Link

    Congrats on the new contract, Randi!

    Love the excerpt. There’s attraction and heat, a delicious combination that’s left me wanting more. Can’t wait for your yet-to-be-titled menage to be released!

    • Randi
      October 16th, 2012 at 3:42 pm · Link

      Thanks, Mirriam! I’m hoping it will be soon. My editors said they just had a few changes for me. Of course, that could change, too, just like my title.

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