Last month, our fabulous authors told us their 5 Must-Haves for Writing. This month, I asked them what they like best about being a writer. Here are their answers:


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Cynthia Eden

Hello, everyone! And thanks very much to Randi for inviting me to share the 5 things that I love most about writing. There are so many reasons why I love my job—picking a top 5 was hard, but I managed to narrow the list down to…

#5. Adventure. In my books, my characters get to have amazing adventures. They travel the world, they never hesitate—and as I explore with them, I sure get to have fun.

#4. Danger. My stories are full of danger and drama and death. In real-life, I’d probably run screamed if any of those actual life-or-death situations occurred. But when I get to write them in my books, well, those scenes sure do make my day interesting!

#3. Something new. Each time I write a book, I learn something new. I get to research fire fighters and serial killers and ancient vampire myths. Every story teaches me something, and I love that.

#2. Never, ever boring. My job may be many things, but it will never be boring. How can it be boring when there are vampires, demons, and serial killers involved? My husband complains about his job—while I can’t wait to get started on mine each and every day.

#1. Readers. The absolute best part of writing? That’s easy—it’s the readers. Readers send me such incredible notes about my books. They care about my stories. They care about the characters. Readers make every single moment worthwhile to me. Readers truly are rock stars.

Thank you for letting me share my Top Five list with you! Have a fantastic day!



Cat Johnson

1. Number one, no question, no kidding, is being able to go to work every day in pajamas. Which of course ties in to number 2…

2. Working from home. I can have laundry going while working on a scene. Start dinner with the laptop on the counter next to me. Feed the animals when I’m at a stopping point during the day. And as I said, do it all in PJs.

3. Being my own boss, and making my own schedule. If I want to write at 3am, I can. If I want to nap at 3pm, I can do that too. Vacation time? There’s no boss to ask for the time off.

4. Having the flexibility to do what I want. If I’m tired of cowboys for now, I can switch it up and write a military man, or a hot computer geek, or a billionaire into bondage. Whatever strikes me.

5. Setting my own pace and doing as much or as little as I want. When I’m feeling inspired, I can knock out as many words and books as I want. Find a publisher for the work or throw it up for sale myself. When I’m feeling burnt out or just need a break, I can ease up, as long as I have nothing contracted that’s due, of course, but that’s why I always under promise and over deliver. Shh, don’t tell the publishers! *wink*



Megan Hart

1. making stuff up

2. making stuff up

3. making stuff up

4. making stuff up

5. working from home



Marcia James

1. Entertaining readers with humor, sexy love scenes, and happily-ever-afters.

2. I’m self-publishing now, so having no bosses (aka editors)!

3. Since my “Dr. Ally Skye, Sex Therapist” comic romantic mystery series is set in Vegas, writing off my taxes my research trips to Sin City.

4. “Plotting” the love scenes with my husband. ;-D

5. Working from home in my comfortable clothes and slippers.



Lori King

1. Emptying my head. I find that when I go several days without writing, the characters are all screaming at once and clamoring to get out. So it’s a form of therapy for me to write and empty my brain.

2. Seeing other people enjoy what I write, and emotionally connect with my characters. I received an email from a victim of domestic violence after Sidney’s Triple Shot came out. The reader had connected with the heroine, and could relate to the emotions and turmoil she was going through. That was one of the best moments of writing so far for me.

3. Creating HOT alpha men, and enjoying their sex lives with them. I get to search pictures of delicious looking half naked men and call it research, who else has that kinda coolness at their job?

4. The money. I won’t lie, it’s a big plus.

5. Hearing my kids brag about me. That probably sounds ridiculous to anyone that doesn’t have kids, but when I set out to publish it was partially to prove to my kids that you can do anything you set your mind to. When I hear them telling people that I’m an author, and sounding proud of me….well.. it’s enough to make all those late hours writing and editing worth it.



Mia Ashlinn

1. Freedom. I tend to be somewhat reserved and quiet in my personal life. Part of it is being a mom and part of is it is the way I was raised. But when I write, I get to really say what I want and what I think. And that’s liberating for an introverted woman.

2. Living inside someone else’s body and mind is fabulous. When I write, I literally in my mind ‘go there’ with the characters. I’m them, and they’re me – in a totally non-creepy way. LOL.

3. Escaping reality. Sometimes I get too serious in my daily life, and I need an escape. Well, writing gives me a place that’s like magic to me. Sure, the characters don’t have perfect lives. And true, they must face their own problems. However, their problems are different than mine, and they are always fixable. Whereas in the real world, there are some things you just can’t fix or make better. You just have to accept it and deal with it.

4. Being creative. I’m a creative, artsy kind of girl. It’s just the way that I am. But, and this is a massive but, I’m not always good at artistic things, even when I try. For example, I can’t draw to save my life. And heaven knows I can’t act because I blush and stumble over words. But since I have a creative streak a mile wide, I need an outlet. Writing gives me that.

5. Connecting with other people through my stories. As a writer, I get to share these books with readers. That creates a unique connection between me and them. As someone who is shy in their daily life, I struggle with being sociable. Sometimes it’s nearly impossible for me to connect with others. But you get me behind a computer, and I won’t be quiet. I can be myself, and I can share things. That connects me to others in a way that I could never be face-to-face.



Em Petrova

1) I work from home, so I can spend time with my 4 children–be there for them at their lowest and witness their triumphs.

2)My Labradoodle makes a fluffy footrest while I write.

3) I get to hang out with the coolest girlfriends (heroines).

4) Cowboys, firemen, loggers, and paranormal beings sex me up on a daily basis (heroes).

5) A research requirement is p*o*r*n!



Nikki Prince

1. I love creating characters. Developing them, naming them and making them come to life.

2. I love to create new worlds (settings) and then place my new characters within it.

3. I love seeing my work turned into a book.

4. I love meeting people who also write.

5. I absolutely love meeting my readers. I write because I love it, but having people who actually can’t wait to read my writing? Spurs me on every day. I strive to do my best to make sure my readers are pleased.




Mari Carr


2 – Allowing the voices in my head to escape on the page. Figure I’ve saved a fortune in therapy.


4 – All the lovely writer friends I’ve made over the years. There’s nothing quite like having “like-minded” mates to discuss writing with.




Cristal Ryder

1. The challenge of creating a story that I hope people with love

2. The excitement that fills me when a new story is started.

3. The people I meet, either in person or through social media

4. The conferences. I LOVE the cons. It’s where the fun happens, meeting readers, authors, agents, editors and schmoozing with everyone. The workshops, the drinks in the bar, the awards, the parties…the list goes on and on, oh, and I have to say at Ellora’s Cave Romanticon – the Cavemen!! pic attached for your viewing pleasure

5. Release Day



Laci Paige

1. I get to create things; people, places, things…

2. I enjoy it, it’s fun!

3. I can say and do things that I normally wouldn’t. I can’t let loose, but my characters can.

4. It’s an outlet, inspired by emotions or ideas.

5. Because I can.



Mia Downing

1) If you tick me off I can kill you off ten different ways in my next book! (no, seriously.)

2) The voices need an outlet ::insert scary music::

3) Writing is cheaper than therapy (see the above two if you’re not believing me.)

4) Holding your own print book in your hands is almost as good as holding your child. (Not quite, but right up there.) I get a sense of pride and accomplishment, and it’s great to see your name in print on something other than a library card or a bill.

5) I write because I simply must. The story, the characters, the ideas don’t stop flowing unless you capture them on paper or on a computer screen. It’s a creative outlet that is at times as instantly gratifying as it is frustrating. I’m lucky it’s also a way to make a little money, but there’s nothing better than hearing from a friend or fan who enjoyed my labor of love.



Ginger Ring

1. Meeting and interacting with great readers and writers on Facebook.

2. Research – Finding out about how people lived and loved in different places and time periods.

3. The sense of accomplishment in finishing that I started.

4. Getting great feedback from people that they enjoyed something that I wrote.

5. Getting to create the ending that I want.



Shayne McClendon

1. Room for Advancement: Being able to play god. I’m able to create my own universes, scenarios, and force the happy endings I wish everyone could have in real life – I figure out how to make that happen – no matter what.

2. Pleasant Atmosphere: Falling in love again…and again…and again. I insist that my characters be strong – whether that is physically, mentally, sexually, emotionally or a combination. My female characters are particularly outside the norm for “romance” and my males may be alpha but they do not disrespect women. I love all of them a little bit by the time I’m done. Some, I fall for hard core.

3. Flexible Schedule: Freedom. Working for someone else left no room for my creative side. I spent 20 years as an accountant and had to “perform” on their schedule, often had to depend on the performance of other people to finish my own, and had to bite my tongue so often I’m shocked I still have one.

4. Competitive Salary: The money I make is based on how hard I’m willing to work. Ten years from now, I should be able to buy a yacht (NOT that I would) because I bust my ass on the daily. *wink*

5. Benefits: A reasonable dress code (can you say yoga clothes and fluffy socks?), café located in the building (ie: my kitchen), zero commute (unless you count getting out of bed and walking to my office), a fitness program (elliptical and/or dancing in my office to Timbaland and Buck Cherry – and all the coffee I can drink), and never getting stuck next to the creepy guy who tries to smell my hair (my cats and dogs demand I perform doorperson duties, give them treats, and give scratchies behind the ear…but they aren’t creepy about it).
Seriously though…best job on the planet and one I’ve been trying to do all my life. FINALLY – I got what I wanted and I’m not looking back. If you have a love affair with words (as I do) then work writing into your life. You won’t regret it. I never have. A month of slower sales, a few bad reviews, or getting caught up and missing the deadlines I set for myself…doesn’t matter. STILL the best job. Shayne



Wendi Christner

1. I love the challenge of fitting all the parts of a story together. A fully developed novel is like a puzzle, and when all of the pieces fall into place it’s such a sense of accomplishment.

2. I love falling in love with my characters. And I don’t mean just the hunky heroes when I write romance. I love the process of a vague notion developing into a fully dimensional person, whose thoughts and emotions I can hear and feel.

3. I love being part of the writing community. There is a bond with writers, and when creative people get together anything can (and sometimes does) happen!

4. I love finishing a book! As much as I love to write, creating a book is exhausting. By the time I get to “the end” I’m way past ready to be there.

5. More than anything I love creating something that touches someone else. When one of my stories or books evokes someone’s emotions and they take the time to tell me what it meant to them, without fail it brings tears to my eyes.
“Like” my fan page: for details of my upcoming release. It takes my writing in a new direction, and I’m soooo excited for this new venture.



Benjamin Russell

1. It provides an outlet for my fertile imagination, which keeps me out of trouble.

2. Writing affords me the opportunity to expose readers to rabbit hole of my mind. An experience I feel should be shared.

3. Quite simply, I enjoy it…writing gives me pleasure.

4. *Winks* There are actually some things I write about I wouldn’t do or haven’t done…yet. ( See #1 ).

5. The networking with other writers has opened my mind to whole new vistas of exploration and I’ve made some lasting friends as a result.


I love that so many authors mention readers. We all do appreciate you, and we do what we do because you appreciate us, too. Thanks for dropping by today



2 comments to “What Makes Us Do It? Awesome Authors Tell Why They Write”

  1. Melissa Keir
    April 27th, 2013 at 10:29 am · Link

    What a fabulous article! I love it! Those are some pretty tempting reasons to be a writer! 🙂

  2. Clare O'Beara
    April 28th, 2013 at 4:18 am · Link

    I love the number of authors who say they have to write. And those who tell us they enjoy the writing community, and feedback from the readers.
    Sums up most of the job doesn’t it!

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