As part of the 5 Things series, I asked some wonderful authors where they like to go to recharge, or if they’re not rechargers, where their dream vacation would take them. Check out their answers and leave a comment letting us know where you’d love to be right now!

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[one_fourth]Shyla Colt[/one_fourth]

Shyla Colt

1. Austin, Texas (The city of my heart. If you’ve never been you have to go at least once. Good food, amazing people, art, and the  motto Keep Austin Weird)

2. Nashville, Tennessee (I’m a Midwest gal originally and this place has so much to offer! From amusement park rides to chateaus in the mountain… come on everyone needs to experience a heart shaped hot tub at least once)

3. Roswell, New Mexico (Admittedly , I’m alien obsessed… but this place is a blast!)

4. Santa Monica, Ca (the boardwalk is fun day or night!)

5. London, England (Hey… there was no rule that we had to have been there. Lol I’m a writer I have a vivid imagination. My dream vacation spot right now)



Cat Johnson

For a relaxing getaway, here are my personal top 5 destinations!

Charlestown, Rhode Island

Lake George, NY

Montauk, NY

The Outer Banks, NC

Pensacola, FL



Mia Ashlinn

1. I love to stay in the Cade’s Cove/Townsend area of Tennessee. Sure, it is in my back yard. But something about being in the mountains, surrounded by nature and silence, does it for me. And holy smokes, the smell of pure, clean, untainted air is unbelievable. This is my go-to place, my personal sanctuary.

2. My favorite getaway is Hilton Head, South Carolina. This little island is quaint. It has a homey feel to it. And the beaches are beautiful. Not to mention, the people are super nice. And OMG, one must never forget all the yummy food, either. Personally, some of my favorite places to eat in the world are there.

3. Okay, okay. Feel free to make fun of me for this one. But… I. Love. Walt Disney World. Yep, I am one of those people, the ones who can find the magic in the air. So going to Orlando is something I’m more than happy to do – as often as I can.

4. For a place to go-and-do things, I’m all about Washington, D.C. There are just so many things for people to do and see. And let me tell you, my inner geek loves all of the Smithsonian Museums. I could spend days and days in them. Okay, I might spend days and days in them. No need to get technical…

5. Last but not least, I love NYC. True, I’ve not been there many times. But when I have visited, I was in awe of everything. The hustle and bustle fascinated me. And all the food, shopping, and Broadway shows were out of this world.



Cristal Ryder

Ontario cottage country – nothing better than loons on the lake, a sky full of stars and a delish beverage

The South Pacific – I’ve been to Tahiti, Moorea, Cook Islands, Fiji and Hawaii (x2) I LOVE the smells, sounds, drums, water, grass skirts, hunky men, mai tai’s…list goes on

Florida – it’s a great place to hop down to in the chilly Canuck winter. My favourite place is N Captiva Island, only accessible by boat. Meat Man and I had a blast in our Captain style beach house with the only transportation being golf carts and bicycles. One of the most tropical places outside of the South Pacific

Wales & England – castles, history, old ruins, druids, pubs…need I say more

Rockies – I just came back from a trip to Wyoming and Colorado. Cowboy country, horses, mountains, big sky…just wow.
One more…. anywhere by the sea

Basically I’m a travel junkie and can never get enough of it.



Em Petrova

Since my travel experience is relatively limited to Disneyworld and odd family road trips of my childhood, my list is a mix of places where I spend time with my kiddos and destinations I long to visit.

1. The Sasquatch Pool—river in Western PA—also nicknamed the Sasquatch Bathtub. Climb down a steep cliff to the river below, where you wade out to a rock formation local canoers created to look like a bathtub. Kids love sitting in the tub and catching crayfish.

2. Niagara Falls—At the age of three I started having recurring nightmares of being pushed under a waterfall. Nightmares about waterfalls mean your life is out of control. But being around these massive falls puts one’s life in perspective.

3. I’d love to do a tour of cemeteries across the US. Stop and look at headstones, ponder the lives of those I never knew.

4. Texas—I write cowboys. It’s time to sample some.

5. Wyoming. I don’t know what it is about this state. I want to hop in an old pickup and drive there, visiting people in small towns along the way.



Shayne McClendon

I’ve had one vacation in more than forty years that was not work or family emergency-related. I spent my honeymoon in New York City for four days in 2007. It’s still one of my favorite places! I’ve never been outside the United States. I’ve never had a passport. So this list is truly a “bucket” list for me.

Hawaii – Volcanoes. ‘Nuff said.

New England – Stephen King’s stories often take place in Maine – I’m a nerd.

Canada – So much space, still clean and undisturbed.

Italy – The history…wow…I’d be distracted for days. It is probably the one place on the planet I’d never forget to eat.

Ireland/Scotland – I’d love to see the places I’ve read about in books, seen in movies, wondered at in documentaries, all while hanging out with the locals.

Maybe one day I’ll actually travel…no matter what, I have to know I can write after a day spent sparking my imagination with new places and experiences.



Laci Paige

1. Camping – anywhere as long as it’s not too hot or too cold!

2. Resort vacations – I like to be spoiled every now and then and have people wait on me hand and foot.

3. Malta – When hubs and I lived in Sicily, Italy it was one of our favorite places we would escape to. The markets are great fun, and the night life is totally happening!

4. Rodanthe, NC – We enjoy the beach and the quiet slower pace of the central outer banks. We like to walk along the shore to see the sea sparkle. It’s some kind of glowing organism that when you disturb it, it glows.

5. Austria – On the outskirts of Innsbruck we stayed at a diary farm/guest house and the fresh milk and eggs at breakfast were delicious. Made me want to get a cow and chickens.



Mia Downing

1) fishing at the local lake (there are picnic tables and barbecue pits. They fish for catch and release, then we have burgers over charcoal. I write on my laptop in the shade or read.)

2) camping–we used to do an overnight at a camp area in PA not far from us. Lakes, swimming, fishing and local things to see. It was fun!

3) Vacation for us is usually a trip to Jacksonville, FLA since my mom is not well and it takes place in winter months. We do day trips on the way. We’ve done caves, beaches, amusement parks, a hedge maze, Colonial Williamsburg and more!

4) Dream vacation–We have yet to see all of the USA yet. The Downings love caves and steam trains! I’d love to do Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and anything neat like that.

5) Dream vacation abroad–We’re supposed to go to Costa Rica next year! But a dream vacation for me (selfishly) would be riding in Ireland castle to castle, riding in Africa or France.



Ginger Ring

5. Montana – We actually eloped to Montana. I love the history, wide open spaces, and snow capped mountains.

4. Mackinaw Island, Michigan – I love that there are no cars allowed just horse and buggies. It is great falling to sleep to the clip clop for hoofs at night.

3. Bayfield, Wisconsin – North shore – I love the islands, lighthouses, and fish boils.

2. Historic Mississippi river towns between Wisconsin and Minnesota and Iowa. Great area of wineries, beautiful scenery, as well as historic towns and sites.

1. My back yard with a book. I love to enjoy the outdoors and with a book in my hand I can travel anywhere I want, even back in time. 😉



ER Pierce

1) The Catskill Mountains in Upstate NY. We camp there a dozen times per year. Clean, quiet, peaceful and absolutly no internet or wireless available. No Cell Phones etc. It’s like a dead zone where we go.

2) Mount Desert Island (Acadia National Park) Maine – Coastline, oceans, mountains, fresh clean air, fresh seafood (cheap!) wild blueberries, the cleanest lake (echo lake) quiet, peaceful, and barely any bugs

3) The Basin, New Hampshire (Hiking, waterfalls, natural rock water slides)

4) I’d love to take the kids to yellowstone

5) We want to backpack/travel Europe when the kids are older – for an entire summer. (when my youngest is 10, my oldest will be 16)



Lexi Post

I live in vacation spots, so coming up with my favorite vacation places was more difficult than I expected.

1) St. Martin, French side: I forget that people can cook like that. It also has the white sand nude beach where a person can get a great tan. Well, that’s what I’ve heard 😉

2) Scotland: Here I fell in love with my own hero, but before that I fell in love with its people, Medieval castles, and green landscape. I’m drawn to its heroic history, and who can resist a man in a kilt!

3) Alaska: The ruggedness of the land, the wildlife, as well as the people are a draw for me . . . in the summer. Where else can you go in the US and land on a glacier in a helicopter!

4) Mediterranean: My love for the Mediterranean started when I read my first Greek Mythology book. I will finally have my chance to experience it first hand in 2014!

5) Family: My brother’s in Brooklyn, my sister’s in Maryland, and my mom in Delaware. I have extended family near Atlanta too. My Aunt lives there as well as my godmother. How cool is that?



Megan Hart

1. Bethany Beach, DE — I love the ocean!

2. Yellowstone National Park — Old Faithful is amazing.

3. Cedar Point Amusement Park, Sandusky, OH — worked there for two summers and had the best time!

4. My backyard

5. Bethany Beach, DE — because that’s where I live in the summer, as often as I can, and it needs a second mention.



Marcia James

1. Las Vegas — Any time of the year, I love going to Vegas, playing video poker until my arms are almost numb, and eating at Sin City’s incredible restaurants. My “Dr. Ally Skye, Sex Therapist” romantic mystery series is set in Vegas, so I also research future books. And in my May 2013 trip, I attended the Billboard Music Awards. Vegas rocks!

2. Napa Valley — There’s nothing like exploring this beautiful part of California, wine-tasting, and dining under the stars. And north of Napa, there’s an Indian casino. 😉

3. Scottsdale — This year, we left cold and wintery Ohio in February for warm, sunny Arizona, and it was heaven. We played golf, spent long, lazy hours reading on our balcony, and took a culinary tour of the town. Plus we spent several fun evenings at the Indian casinos just outside of town. 😉

4. San Diego — Southern California is another of our favorite winter getaways. And there are several Indian casinos within driving distance. Hmmmm… There seems to be a pattern here.

5. Caribbean islands — We’ve been to several, including Grand Cayman, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas. I’m lie-on-the-beach-and-read type of person, and I love the tropical drinks. Of course, many islands also have casinos. ;-D



Kasi Alexander

1 – Santorini, Greece. We’ve never been there, but Reggie’s favorite movie is Summer Lovers (it had a triad and lots of nudity), and it’s given him a lifelong desire to go there and see the water (sure, the water is what he’d be looking at!!).

2 – Grand Cayman. Only one of us (Eva) has been there, but we believe her that there’s awesome diving and views.

3 – The Rhine. Treena really wants to take a cruise down the Rhine and see the castles. I (Kasi) have been to Germany and would love the opportunity to go back.

4 – Australia and New Zealand. They just sound like cool places and the people we’ve met from there are a lot of fun.

5 – Anywhere with a sandy beach, clear blue water, bright sun, a cool ocean breeze, and umbrella drinks. And it wouldn’t hurt to have one of those cabins that sit on the water with glass floors so you can watch the fish swimming underneath!


Thanks for dropping by. We’d love to hear all about your vacation plans, your favorite spots, and your dream vacations.


3 comments to “Where Do Fabulous Authors Like to Vacation?”

  1. Marcia James
    June 28th, 2013 at 12:22 pm · Link

    Thanks, Randi! I always enjoy participating in your 5 Things series. And it’s a lot of fun to see what other authors post. 😉

  2. Clare O'Beara
    June 29th, 2013 at 3:16 am · Link

    We want to go to Australia as we have some visiting to do, but it won’t be this year. sounds like a wonderful place and everyone I know who has been (half of Ireland’s young people seem to have worked there) has enjoyed it.

  3. Laci Paige
    June 29th, 2013 at 8:49 pm · Link

    Okay now I want to go everywhere that everyone listed! And I just walked in the door from our trip out west! (and took a nine hour nap). Thanks for having me!

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