Her Xmas Present


Christin M Lovell





It’s been nearly a year since plus size Libby has seen her best friend, Tyler. One look at him though and all of her old, more-than-friendly feelings return. But a good-looking guy like him couldn’t find her attractive… Could he?


Ty has been away from the woman of his dreams for nearly a year, and every day has been torture. He’s decided that he’s ready to take the leap. He had to know. Could Libby love him as more or would all their years of friendship be too much to risk?


Warning: This book contains hot chocolate, marshmallows, a sexy lawyer and a lot of naughty.







“Are you making close to what you deserve yet?”


“Depends.” I knew my eyes were shimmering with mischief, as I handed him his cup. “What am I worth?” I lifted a brow, fighting to hold back a smile.


He didn’t hesitate. “You’re worth the moon’s weight in gold, baby.” He winked.


“Smooth. No wonder the ladies keep falling for you.” I walked back to the living room and collapsed on the sofa with my beverage firmly between my hands.


He followed, sitting beside me. He toed off his shoes and kicked his feet up on the oversized, wood coffee table; he held his drink in one hand while the other comfortably stretched across the back of the couch, behind me.


“Were your parents excited to see you?” I blew into my mug, the marshmallows separating just enough to allow the steam to escape.


He looked away, taking a sip of his drink. “Mmm. I always loved your hot chocolate.”


I narrowed my eyes on him. “Tyler Brandon Russell! How could you not stop and see your parents? Your mom is going to have a fit.” I shook my head incredulously.


He set his drink down on the coffee table.


My heart kicked up as he directed his full attention on me. With one hand, he brushed a few strands of my hair back, allowing his fingers to glide through my locks as he leaned into me. He gazed into my eyes, his lips hovering an inch from mine. Every breath he exhaled tickled my skin, sending shockwaves through me. “I missed you.”


I could only watch him with bated breath. He was so close. I noticed every striation in his eyes, the varying stripes in hues of honey, chocolate and bark. His body heat radiated off of him, enveloping me in his warmth.


He captivated me, holding me in place with his intense stare. I felt him take my mug and heard him set it on the coffee table, but his eyes never strayed; his lips never moved.


I swallowed hard, my pussy fluttering with anticipation. Fuck. I wanted to close the distance between us, so badly, but I didn’t dare. I couldn’t.


He thrust his fingers deeper into my tresses, his other hand skimming up my thigh before curling around my hip. Every second seemed like an hour, as I watched and waited.


His grip tightened on my hip as he jerked me against him. “I’m going to kiss you, Libby.”


*end excerpt*









Christin Lovell

2 comments to “How Naughty Do You Like Your Presents? Christin Lovell Shares a Sexy Excerpt from HER XMAS PRESENT”

  1. ki pha
    November 20th, 2013 at 9:27 pm · Link

    Ooooo I would love something naughty if I weren’t found out…… 😉

  2. Clare O'Beara
    November 21st, 2013 at 5:17 am · Link

    Naughty as long as they are nice too!

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