Illicit Christmas

Yvette Hines



“Aaah!” Looking up she saw a man walking along the side of the road. “Oh, my God, don’t let me hit him.” Honking her horn and jerking the wheel left toward the street she swerved around, barely missing him, until the rear of her car fishtailed. Thump!


Tires screeched as she slammed on the brakes. Throwing the car into park, she slung the door open, vaulted out of the car and ran towards the back of it. A man lay on the ground illuminated in the red glow of her taillights.


“Are you okay? Are you okay?” She kneeled down beside him and fanned her hand over his face. “Sir…sir?”


“If there’s any mercy left in the word, you’ll stop yelling.” His head rolled toward her, gaze locking.


Reaching out, she brushed her fingers along the side of his forehead. “You’re bleeding.”


“And I’ve just been touched by an angel. A pretty caramel-brown angel.” He smiled.


Her stomach flipped. “How do you feel? Can you sit up?”


“You betcha.” Proving his words true, he sat up. He reached his hand up to feel his head and winced. Looking at the blood on his fingertips, he declared, “Good thing I have a hard head. I think I’ll live.” Sitting there with his dark hair falling over his brow made him look like a modern James Dean.


Unwillingly, her lips turned up on the sides. The humor behind his words caused her to do what she hadn’t done in a year–smile. What was it about this man?


“I’m sorry…my car hit a bump…and I didn’t see you…until it was too late.” She knew she was rambling.


The lopsided smile he gave her let her know he knew it too. “No sweat. I shouldn’t have been walking in the dark.” He held her eye contact.


His level gaze caused her stomach to flip-flop again. “Were you headed somewhere?”


Rising to his feet, he closed his eyes for a moment and took a breath as if to stabilize himself. Opening them again, he swiped his hand across the back of his pants removing the dirt and gravel. “My car broke down before the exit ramp. I was on my way to town.”


She stood as well, almost meeting him eye to eye. He had to be an inch or two over six feet, she was five ten and he still had her by a bit. “Are you sure you’re okay?”


Noticing her height, his gaze traveled down the length of her body. Returning to her face, he lifted an eyebrow and inclined his head. It was an appreciative gesture like when one sees the value in a work of art. “Peachy.”


Tingling sensations ran down the front of her body everywhere his gaze touched. She cleared her throat. “I’m going into town. I could give you a lift.”


“Didn’t your mother teach you not to pick up strangers?” he questioned.


“Yea.” She looked at his wound. “I could leave you out here to bleed to death if you’d prefer?”


The sky chose that moment to open up and present a show of force. Cold, fat drops of rain battered their clothes.


“I believe I’ll take you up on your offer.”


They darted towards her car. Once inside they closed the door against the heavy wind. “It’s always great when a man can see reason.” She rolled up the driver’s side window.


He laughed, deep and masculine. She liked it.


The interior of the car was dark, caused by the overhead lamp that broke years ago. Doug promised to fix it, but never got around to it.


Thunder rumbled outside.


Not wanting to think about her ex, she stuck her hand out in his general direction. “Amber.”


Lightening shot from the sky, light flashed in the car as if someone were taking a picture of them. Of that moment.


Seeing her hand, he grasped it. “Chris.”


For a moment, they sat just like that, in silence, neither of them moving.


His thumb stroked the back of her hand then let go.



Yvette Hines


One comment to “Ready to Unwrap Your Present Early? Yvette Hines Has a Hot Excerpt For You”

  1. Clare O'Beara
    November 25th, 2013 at 10:10 am · Link

    Car trouble, man trouble, weather trouble… sounds interesting!

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