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15 Hot Stories by Fabulous Cowboy Authors


Broad Shoulders, Well-Worn Jeans and a Lean-Hipped Swagger


He may ride off into the sunset, but the cowboy in our heart never goes out of style. Even when coated with dust from riding alongside a herd of cattle or up to his knees in mud taming a wild stallion, this stud still generates plenty of Cowboy Heat. These manly men embody the fiercely independent, earthy alpha male and hero who isn’t afraid to show the gentle, nurturing side of his complex nature when faced with a woman in need. Even when he’s coated with dust from riding behind a herd of cattle or up to his knees in mud freeing a calf from a wallow, this stud still generates a lot of Cowboy Heat. Rugged romantics, rough riders, and rope wranglers sure to satisfy any reader who craves the idea of that gruff, romantic hero, a man of few words but many moves. Cowboy Heat sits tall in the saddle, winning hearts and spurring readers to new heights of happiness.


“Mrs. Morgan and the Marshal” by Emma Jay – A dalliance with the sexy town marshal makes a woman rancher question which she wants most, her independence or him


“Remember” by Mia Hopkins – A jilted bride saddles up with the blazing-hot cowboy stripper hired for her cancelled bachelorette party


“Cowboy Downtime” by Cheyenne Blue – Passion ignites at a polocrosse game in the Australian outback—she plays attack, he plays defense, and their sexy wager decides the winner


“Coming Home” by Megan Mitcham – A busted-up rodeo champion finds the squirt he tormented in youth transformed into a fiery woman challenging him to become the man she deserves


“Her Captured Cowboy” by Layla Chase – A lonely woman, ostracized by Colorado townspeople after years in Indian captivity, takes what she needs from a wandering cowboy


“Back Stage Pass” by Cynthia D’Alba – A sexy night with a hired escort, who looks exactly like a woman’s favorite country singer, leaves her with a back stage pass and a lot of burning questions


“Unfinished Business” by Cat Johnson – A class reunion gives one woman a second chance with a sultry cowboy from her past


“At the Mercy of the Cowboy” by Amber Lin – A new farmhand finds rough living and an even rougher cowboy to soothe away her pain


“Cowboy Adonis” by Michael Bracken – When a naked cowboy rises from a stock pond, a nature photographer’s assignment gets personal


“Denim and Lace” by Robie Madison – One woman in a pair of rhinestone heels plus two sexy cowboys equals a highly combustible combination


“One Track Cowboy” by Delilah Devlin – After tracking two lost hikers, a park ranger and a local rancher lose themselves to a wild passion


“Skin Deep” by Randi Alexander – A pretty city girl and a scarred country cowboy discover love waits when you’re ready to look beneath the surface


“Drop Two Tears in a Bucket” by Shoshanna Evers – Alone on her Montana cattle ranch after her husband divorces her, a woman finds satisfaction in the arms of the one cowboy she can’t resist


“A Cowboy for Delilah” by Sabrina York – The last thing this independent, high-powered lawyer wants is a cowboy in her life, but one steamy kiss from a sexy rancher burns her resolve to a crisp


“Shall We Dance?” by Myla Jackson – When a lonely woman gives private dance lessons to a shy, sexy cowboy, she stumbles on passion worth fighting for



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    March 18th, 2014 at 5:52 am · Link

    What a feast!

  2. Tiss
    March 18th, 2014 at 6:38 am · Link

    Hope you have an AWESOME day.

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