If you were at the Romantic Times Convention in Dallas in May, 2015, you probably saw our poster. The four Sons of Dusty Walker authors, Desiree Holt, Jodi Redford, Sable Hunter, and I partnered with Scott Nova to create book covers for our individual books (Dylan, Jackson, Killian, and Rogue), as well as one giant poster which was hung outside the ballroom.


Scott, Jodi, and I spent some time hanging out by the poster, collecting entries to give away four paperback copies of the book collection, and getting photos taken (well, Scott was in most of the photos) with readers. It was a really fun experience, and thank you to everyone who entered the contest.


The poster did get a lot of attention! Many people had their photos taken by it, or just spent a few moments touching it. Really great to see. And it caught the attention of The Dallas Morning News! They posted this picture, and wrote an article about us!

The Dallas Morning News

They named the article, Now in Dallas: ‘A giant fanfest’ for passionate readers of romance books and under the picture, posted, Attendees at the Romantic Times Convention stand in front of a poster for “The Sons of Dusty Walker” series the Hyatt Regency Dallas. That’s our poster!


To read the full article, click HERE and see if you recognize yourself in the photo!

Have a wild cowboy day!


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