Free Cowboy Menage Romance July 20, 21 & 22 – Double Her Fantasy by Randi Alexander

The first book of the Double Seduction Series is free today!

Double Seduction #1: Double Her Fantasy

At a comic book convention, artist Megan Shore is thrilled to meet action movie hunk Garret McGatlin. Usually reclusive, Megan flirts with the leading man of her sexual fantasies. He invites her to his suite for a drink, but when she arrives, his rancher brother Trey opens the door and unleashes Megan’s cowboy fantasy. Both men pour on the charm, and she can’t decide which of them she desires more.

The McGatlin brothers have shared women, but none of them were like Megan, irresistible and perfect for both of them. Working together, they execute a potent seduction. During a hot, amazing week, the three-way relationship becomes emotionally charged. When they’re thrown into the media spotlight, Megan fears the exposure will trigger a past threat. Garrett and Trey need to prove they can keep Megan safe as well as happy and satisfied in their arms.







Here’s a sexy excerpt for you, and if you’d like to read the first chapter, it’s available on the book page.


Megan looked at the two men, both so gorgeously handsome, both so interesting and smart. Sexy and funny. If she had to choose, she didn’t know which one she’d go for. Trey was quiet and humble. Garret had a cocky side, but deep down he was vulnerable and kind.


She still couldn’t believe it. She didn’t have to choose. A short walk back to the hotel, and a long night of decadence.


Within minutes, they were in the glass elevator of their hotel heading upward toward the 37th floor. Her body shimmered with sensual expectation, her head muzzy with the thrill of the unknown.


Trey took her arms and turned her to him. “How do you feel about this? Really.”


She had to blink a few times to regain some brain function. “About?” She wanted to hear him say it, make sure it wasn’t all a misunderstanding.


Garret stepped in behind her, pressing his hips, and a hard piece of man flesh, against her ass. His hands slid from her waist to her stomach. “We both want you. At the same time.”


Her belly tightened as moisture flooded from her pussy. Her mind whirled with the ecstasy of knowing she was the sole focus of two of the most handsome, macho guys she’d ever met. Yet, a niggling uncertainty sobered her and she looked to the cowboy for assurance. Was she equipped, emotionally, to do this?


Trey bracketed her face with his hands. “We’ll be gentle, sweetheart.” His gorgeous blue eyes stared into hers. “We’ll go as slow as you’d like.”


“I…” She had to swallow her uncertainty. “I’ve never done this.”


Trey smiled. “We know that.” Tilting her head, he stepped closer and kissed her. His lips, firm and warm, pressed gently against hers.


On a sigh, she opened her mouth and he moved in. His hands held her tighter, his tongue pressed in and touched hers, lapping and coaxing hers.


Garret’s hands slid upward, cupping the bottom curve of her breasts. His lips opened on the sensitive skin of her shoulder, his tongue tasting her.


Racing chills blasted through every nerve ending. Her nipples tightened to peaks as he worked his hands on her breasts.


Trey slowed the kiss, tracing her lips with his tongue. “Come home with us.” He spoke against her lips, the vibration ricocheting through her mind.


Garret’s fingers brushed over her nipples as the elevator slowed. “Be with us, Megan.”









Thanks for reading Double Her Fantasy, and I hope you love Trey, Megan, and Garret as much as I do.



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