Double Her Desire

Double Seduction Series, Book 5

When author Quinn Anders shares an elevator with sexy rockstar Zeke Hazard, a wild surge of attraction races between them. She receives a personal invitation to attend his concert, and his rancher cousin, Jeff Hazard, escorts her to the arena. Spending time with each of the cousins, Quinn is surprised by her overpowering desire for both the rockstar and the cowboy.

The Hazard cousins have a history of sharing women, and they’re both intensely attracted to Quinn. Her intelligence, sense of humor, and fiery sensuality have the cousins working together on a dual seduction. After spending a passionate week together, the three experience a deep emotional bond. But when media exposure threatens to resurrect a threat from the past, the cousins must find a way to keep Quinn safe as well as pleasured in their arms.

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Chapter One

Quinn Anders rolled her tote out of her literary agent’s Los Angeles office and into the huge reception area shared by over a dozen agents specializing in celebrities.

Fifty-seven floors below, a crowd of hundreds awaited Quinn’s first LA book signing, arranged by her agent.

Over the years, Quinn had spotted some stars on this floor, but today was quiet. She walked to the elevators and pressed the down button. In the shiny metal doors, she checked her appearance.

Thanks to a nearby salon, her dark green eyes looked translucent through heavy eyelashes, and her straight, shoulder-length, blonde hair had been highlighted and given an impressive shine.

Her red, four-inch heels boosted her to six feet, the extra height giving her a needed boost of confidence. She smoothed the wrinkles from her black pants and buttoned the matching waist-length jacket over her colorful abstract blouse. Professional, but with a splash of wild.

In seconds, the doors slid open, and she stepped inside the glass-walled elevator. She settled her cart and turned to press the lobby button.

A man stepped into the elevator.

“Lobby?” he asked, pushing the button. His sandalwood cologne filled the air.

She looked up at… Her heart double thudded. The sky-blue eyes of Zeke Hazard, lead guitarist and singer for the rock band Hazard.

His gaze met hers, and he smiled. Sexy. Gorgeous.

Her breath left her, and she whispered, “I do.”

As the elevator doors closed, he laughed. “Good, glad to hear it.” He moved back to the far corner and pulled out his phone, typing with his thumbs as the elevator began its descent.

She turned her head away from staring at him. He’d been her absolute favorite musician when he was country-rock, and even though she preferred his softer country music, she liked most of the harder rock songs he performed with his new band.

The insides of the elevator doors were shiny steel, and she let her gaze travel the reflection of the length of him. His sandy-blond hair, a little long and shaggy, rested on the collar of his dark button-down shirt. The sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, showing tattoos covering one forearm. Tattoos which, she knew from photos online, went all the way up onto his shoulder.

Tight, well-worn jeans rode loose on his hips, and black cowboy boots with an intricate pattern in red stitching gave an extra two inches to his six-three height.

He moved, and she caught his return stare in the mirrored door.

She took a breath and turned, smiling at him.

His gaze was on her ass.

She said a little thank-you to whatever had motivated her to get in shape over the last year. “Are you performing in LA?” In a wild burst of courage, Quinn turned a little more, showing off her curves.

“We are. Tomorrow night.” He held up his phone. “If you want to come….” He laughed. “Come to the show, I’ll take your number.”

Oh, yes. She wanted to come. To the show. She just sighed.


Zeke heard the blonde goddess let out a long breath. Her tongue skated over her lips. Sexy, full lips. Beautiful green eyes the color of a stormy sea. Now it was his turn to go breathless. She was sending out some kind of vibe, a signal that connected with his radar and turned up the heat full-blast.

“I’d like that.” She reached into her jacket pocket.

The sound of hundreds of voices filtered into the elevator.

What the hell? He turned and looked out the glass wall of the elevator. In the lobby below, hundreds of people crowded the huge space. “Ah, damn it.” How did this happen?

“Are you okay?” She stepped closer to him.

He pointed to the lobby. “How do they find me? No one knew I would be here today.” He put his phone in his pocket.

She looked down at the crowd and smiled. “That’s just the price of ultra-stardom, I guess.”

“Fuck that.” He mumbled it but shook his head. “Sorry, ma’am. I’m just…over it all.” He rolled down his sleeves and buttoned the cuffs, grabbed his Dodgers cap from his back pocket and pulled it on, tucking up as much hair as he could into it. Pulling his dark sunglasses from his pocket, he slid them on. He looked at her. “I really do apologize for the language.”

Raised on a ranch outside a small town in Texas, he’d been brought up with the very strict rule of no swearing around ladies. His mother would not approve.

She nodded. “That’s okay, I understand.” She tipped her head. “I have an idea.” Moving to her rolling case, she opened the top.

“What?” He laughed out the word. “You have a disguise in there?”

The elevator slowed its descent.

Bent over like she was, Zeke had a nice view of the tops of her round breasts. Very nice.

“Here.” She straightened and held out a two-by-two-foot box. “Take this and follow me.”

He shook his head. “What?”

The elevator stopped, and the doors began to open, letting in a cacophony of voices.

“Just take it.” She shoved the box at him. “Trust me.” She winked at him.

He grabbed it. Heavy.

She secured her purse strap on her shoulder, grabbed the cart’s handle, and walked out of the elevator.

He followed, keeping his head down.

The crowd cheered and clapped, and a few people called, “Quinn!”

Two security guards flanked her, looking him up and down until deciding he was just the box carrier.

She waved at the crowd and walked a few yards to steps leading up onto a raised stage.

He followed her, watching the crowd who focused only on her.

Turning to Zeke, she pointed to the edge of the stage. “Just set it there, Billy. Thank you.” She walked up the stairs.

Zeke set down the box and watched her walk across the stage toward a woman standing at a microphone.

Who was this goddess? Quinn who?

He turned and lowered his head as he skirted the crowd, walking toward where his cousin, Jeff, should be waiting for him by the door to the parking garage.

“And here is our star!” A female voice came through speakers. “Please welcome bestselling author Quinn Anders!” The crowd went wild.

Zeke made it to the wall of glass that separated the lobby from the garage without being identified. Actually, no one had given him a second look.

He spotted the short blond hair of his cousin Jeff above the crowd. Jeff stared at the stage. Did he feel it, too? The sexy siren song that was Ms. Quinn Anders.


Jeff Hazard walked into the lobby from the parking garage. Who were all these people? As head of Zeke’s security team, would he need to get his cousin to safety?

A voice through the speakers introduced an author. A book signing? If Zeke disguised himself, he should be okay. And his cousin always had a disguise ready.

Jeff leaned against a support beam, watching the stage. And the author. She had his complete attention. She stepped up to the microphone and spoke to the crowd. Sexy, her smooth voice carried grateful words to them, not the cocky bullshit rockstars like Zeke spouted.

She thanked the crowd, then left the stage and walked to a table on the floor in front of it where people had lined up to get her autograph.

“Hey.” Zeke’s voice came from behind him.

Jeff turned. “Any chance you know her?” He gestured to the writer.

Zeke looked toward the stage. “We met. I’d like to get to know her a lot better.”

“She got your attention, too?” Jeff looked back to where she sat, but the crowd had grown and swarmed around her.

“Oh, yeah.” Zeke’s voice told the story. It was rare to find someone perfect for both him and Zeke. For them to share.

“We gotta figure out how to contact her.” Jeff did not want to lose her. He would make this happen.

“Let’s go.” Zeke’s voice sounded strained.

Jeff glanced around. Some of the crowd was looking their way and pointing. “Right behind you.”

Zeke turned and pushed open the glass door, and Jeff followed his cousin into the garage and down a short ramp to their limo. They slid into the back seat. He’d already briefed the driver, who knew to head to the arena for a pre-show meeting and walk-through.

As the limo left the garage, Jeff pulled out his phone and searched her name.

Zeke had his phone out, too. “Quinn Anders. Very little to go on.” Zeke looked at him. “I was damn close to getting her phone number, too.”

“No worries, little cuz. I got the connections.” Jeff accessed his contacts and dialed.

A low voice answered, “Hazard? Man, it’s been a while.”

“Booker, I need details, buddy.”


Zeke and a dozen people sat around a table on the main floor of the empty arena. The union foreman pointed at the plans for the sound and light setup of tomorrow’s concert and gave his suggestions for improving the setup.

Zeke looked at his band’s sound and light guru. “You good with that, Peterson?”

The man nodded. “It works for me.” He and the union lead huddled and worked through details.

Zeke pointed across the table to his cousin. “Jeff?”

Jeff nodded. “Security is solid.” He looked around the table. “Anything we haven’t covered?”

“One more question.” The arena’s box office manager pulled out a paper, and Hazard’s tour accountant moved to a chair next to her and talked through the settlement timeline with her.

Zeke sat back, watching his team interface with the arena staff, trusting them all with making the show run perfectly. So why did he still feel the need to be at these meetings, to know what was happening each step of the process? His cousin called it control issues.

He looked at Jeff, who frowned at his phone. Was that Booker sending bad news? His cousin stood and put the phone to his ear as he walked away. Jeff…he trusted. Completely.

Zeke looked around the table. How many of the others on his payroll could he say he trusted even half as much. When he was in country music, he’d let the guys who worked for him handle everything. Then, after his father died…

Damn. Why did it all lead back to that? He closed his eyes for a second. If he hadn’t been so trusting back in his country music days, his life, his family would be so different now.

Too much introspection. Need more distractions. Quinn.

His phone vibrated.

A text from Jeff. Suite 24 now – Booker got details

Zeke stood as a flash of excitement raced through him.

Everyone stopped talking and looked at him.

“Thanks. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He walked toward the vom exit, where there was an elevator to the suite level.

He rode the elevator up and walked to the suite.

Jeff stared at his phone, a smile on his face. “I didn’t ask Booker to do this, but he checked her public record. It shows she has no criminal history, and she’s not affiliated with any celebrity social media or tabloid.”

Zeke frowned. “Is that legal information? I mean, are we overstepping?”

“No, cuz. This is stuff you can find online.” Jeff cleared his throat. “But, this is a little less legal. She’s staying at a hotel a few blocks from here.” He looked up at Zeke. “For two more nights.”

“Where are we staying?” He sat on a stool at the drink rail and looked down at the arena where the meeting was still in progress.

“Out of town, at a house on the beach.” Jeff raised a brow. “So none of your fan-natics can find you.”

Zeke hefted out a breath. “Here’s what I’m thinking. We—”

“We invite her to the concert.” Jeff finished Zeke’s thought.

“Yep. You pick her up in the limo.”

“Early,” his cousin added. “So she can see the sound check.”

“Yes.” Zeke smiled. “We can spend time with her separately. Let her feel comfortable with each of us before we talk about a three-way.”

Jeff sat next to him, watching the meeting on the arena floor break up. “I don’t remember when I’ve felt this…optimistic.” He looked at Zeke. “You know?”

He nodded. “It’s been too long, cuz. We’ve been too focused on this.” He hitched a thumb toward the stage. “We gotta get back to what’s important in life.”

“Agreed.” Jeff slapped his hand on the counter. “We’re most happy and settled when we have someone. A woman who wants to be with us. Both of us, and who we can trust, and can think about having with us for long-term.”

“I got this feeling, Jeff.” Zeke’s breath hitched. “About Quinn.”

Jeff showed him his phone. “I’m feelin’ the same. I made a list.”

Zeke laughed. His cousin. Always making lists. “Let’s hear it. Whatever gets us close to the goddess, I’m all-in.”

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