Double Her Pleasure

Double Seduction Series, Book 2

Megan Shore had spent a fantasy week in Chicago with two of the sexiest men she’d ever met. Now she’s a guest on their ranch, and the McGatlin brothers, Trey and Garret, are heating up their ménage under the bright Texas sun. But when strange messages and mysterious gifts begin appearing, Megan fears a threat from her past has followed her from Canada.

Trey and Garret McGatlin decided they wanted Megan for more than just that one mind-blowing week in Chicago. Now that she’s with them on the Silver Spur, they’re thinking long-term. But she’s spooked by a past that won’t leave her alone and by people’s questions about their relationship. Will Megan bolt for home, or can they assure her she’s safe on the ranch as well as desired in their bed?

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As the private jet landed on Texas soil, Megan Shore grasped the butter-soft leather of her seat. Garret McGatlin’s big warm hand covered hers. “Is it the landing that’s got you nervous, or is it where you’re landing?” They were the only two passengers on the ten-seat plane.

“A little of both, I guess.” Arriving to spend time with her men on their ranch had her anxious, but mostly it was sexual longing that had her primed and impatient.

Garret’s gorgeous blue eyes flickered as his grin curved in amusement. She resisted the urge to run her hands through his wavy dark-blond hair and tug him to her for a kiss. She could wait, though. Waiting would keep her lust corralled for a few more minutes until they could include his brother, Trey, in the threesome.

Her gaze ranged over her movie action hero’s broad chest and big shoulders that stretched his black T-shirt. She wanted that chest pressing her against his brother, Garret’s cock sliding into her as Trey’s shaft took her from behind; the fullness would send her spinning, make her fly. A chill rattled through her as her eyelids drooped shut, and all the air left her lungs.

“Baby, you can’t do that sexy shit in front of me and still expect me to be able to walk off this plane.”

She opened her eyes with her gaze right on his jeans, loving the sizable bulge at the zipper. “Sorry. I’m not a patient woman these days.”

The plane braked and turned, slowly rolling toward one of the three metal buildings hunkering beside the little landing strip. Garret gestured out the window. “There he is. He’s probably been standing there in the hot sun all afternoon. Damn cowpoke is too dependable.”

On the tarmac, her cowboy, Trey McGatlin, stood in front of a huge, white pickup truck that sported a diamond-shaped logo on the door. Thank heavens he was so dependable. She’d missed him. A bit taller than Garret, his straw cowboy hat hid his short, blond hair and tanned face. His posture seemed tense under his dark t-shirt, his booted feet braced shoulder-width apart. Was he anxious to see her?

She was just as anxious to see him, the cowboy who’d won half her heart a week ago in Chicago. She glanced beside her at the man who owned the other half of it. They’d changed her life in one short weekend and had given her lonely heart a new reason to beat. “I still can’t believe I’m here.”

The three of them had shared a fantasy weekend in a five-star Chicago hotel. When they’d asked her to extend the hot, wild threesome with a visit to their Texas ranch, the Silver Spur, she’d been too deliciously satisfied to even think of saying no.

The plane stopped, and for a second, her heart did too. Her cheeks warmed at the memories and the promise of what would happen the minute they arrived on the ranch.

Garret lifted a brow. “I know what you’re thinking, baby.” He glanced out the window where Trey strode toward the plane. “You can’t wait to get us McGatlin brothers alone.”

As a tingle raced down her spine, she shrugged. “Can you blame me?”

He leaned forward for a kiss, just a soft brush of lips, but it stirred a hot need low in her belly. He’d been kissing her like that since she’d jumped on the plane he’d rented to pick her up at the little airport near her home in southwestern Canada.

She’d been so glad to see him, she’d nearly begged him to take her, right there on the reclining seat of the plush jet. But she’d resisted, complying with the brothers’ rule of “no one-on-one.” Damned rule had her wiggling in her jeans as shimmies of desire tightened her core. She’d have to find a way to get them to reconsider that rule. Especially for the weeks when Garret would be on location somewhere, filming.

The pilot stepped out of the cockpit. “Welcome to Clear River.” He opened the door, letting in a burst of dry, Texas heat. After lowering the stairway, he stood back quickly as clomps sounded on the steps.

Trey burst into the airplane and walked directly toward her.

Her heart thumped as a smile broke across her face. God, it was good to see him again.

Garret reached over and unbuckled her seatbelt.

Was she so dazed by her two lovers that she wasn’t able to complete even the simplest of functions?

The pilot retrieved Garret’s and her suitcases from a small closet and stepped off the plane.

Trey’s gaze locked with hers, and his hands grasped her wrists, pulling her from her seat and into his arms.

Warm and hard, her cowboy’s body pressed against hers, heating her blood as it raced through her veins. “Trey. You feel so good.” It sounded ridiculous, but it was all she could manage with her emotions so close to bubbling over the surface.

This is where she wanted to be. In his arms. In their arms. Canting her hips, she pressed her mound against the hard length of his cock as it rode heavy behind his fly.

“Sweetheart.” Trey ran his fingers through her long black hair. “Welcome to Texas.”

She breathed deep of his scent; soap and fresh air and sunshine. Her breath caught. “I missed you.”

Trey’s hands slid to her shoulders and set her back a step. His deep blue eyes darkened in his handsome tanned face as they locked with hers. “I didn’t realize how hard it’d be alone. Without you.” A wrinkle formed between his brows.

Her heart fluttered again. “I know. I could barely sleep at night. My bed was so lonely.”

Garret placed a hand on her back. “We’re together now, and we’re gonna make the most of every minute.” His palm drew circles across her spine.

“I brought my laptop, you know. I do need to work some of the time.”

“You’re world-famous for your own line of action comics.” Garret wiggled his brow. “And you still can’t take a week off?”

“I can probably take today off.” She kissed Trey’s strong, smooth jaw. Turning to Garret, she wiggled her own brow. “And maybe tomorrow too, if things go well today.”

Trey laughed and glanced over her head. “Let’s get her back to the ranch, brother. Show her some….” He winked at her. “Texas hospitality.”

Garret laughed and got them walking, off the plane and to the truck where the pilot had loaded the two suitcases in the back seat. They thanked the captain, and as Trey opened the passenger door, Garret looked the length of the truck. “Why’d you bring this old thing?”

Megan took her own glance at it, but the truck looked to be in perfect shape.

Her cowboy gestured into the cab. “Bench seat.” He took her hand and helped her up into the high rig. “Our woman can sit between us.”

She slid to the middle, right where she belonged.

Garret chuckled. “Sometimes I underestimate your genius, big brother.” He smacked Trey’s shoulder then slid in next to Megan.

Trey rounded the hood of the truck and jumped into the driver’s seat. Garret moved closer, and on each side, one of her men’s legs pressed full-length along hers. She thanked her forethought in wearing a thin pair of blue linen pants and packing her jeans. When the men’s shoulders and arms came in contact with hers, she knew she’d made a good choice in wearing the sleeveless white blouse.

Everywhere they touched, heat flowed into her, cascading along her nerve endings and pooling in her belly. She drew a deep breath and let it out slowly. She felt two sets of eyes on her and turned her head right then left to look into the intense blue gazes of her men.

“Get us home, Trey.” Garret’s voice rumbled low, and his eyes darkened.

“Can’t get there fast enough to suit me.” Trey leaned toward her for a quick kiss. “I need you, Megan.” He turned the ignition and looked at his brother. “We need you.”

His words caressed her soul. She hadn’t been needed in so long and never needed with the passion and intensity her two men had for her.

Garret brushed a kiss on her temple. “Wait ‘til we get you alone.”

A shiver started in her breasts and jittered through her.

Trey shifted into gear and hit the gas. “How was the flight?”

“Flight?” Her mind was already deep in the sheets of a big, soft bed on the ranch.

“Damn tempting, brother.” Garret squeezed her knee.

She nudged him with her shoulder. “You guys made up the rules. No on-on-ones, only two-on-ones.” She looked at Trey. “Lucky me.” She did feel lucky. How had two handsome, sexually intense hunks ever chosen her as their woman? Two lovers who were perfect gentlemen, as well. Lucky was a tame descriptor of her life right now.

Garret smiled. “It’ll be worth the wait, baby. I promise.”

Trey groaned and laid his hot hand on her thigh. “We have plans, sweetheart.”

Her belly quivered with desire. Two days ago, when Garret had called to tell her to be ready this morning, said he’d be finishing filming his action flick early, she’d nearly hyperventilated. When he told her he was coming to get her to bring her to the Silver Spur, she’d been a mixed mess.

Excited, anxious, unsure, and horny as hell.

Their short time together in Chicago had been the most fabulous experience of her life, and she’d become addicted to “the lifestyle,” as they called it.

Three bodies, hers between theirs, allowing herself to be skillfully seduced into orgasm after orgasm.

Heat raced through her, and she let out a huge sigh.

“That’s what I like to hear.” Trey turned right as he exited the airport onto a narrow blacktop road that stretched forever across the dry landscape and ended at a low mountain range that seemed a thousand miles away.

Off to the left, a field of wind turbines spun like daisies in a hurricane.

“You tired, sweetheart?” Garret’s fingers played through the ends of her hair.

“Mmm-hmm.” She grinned at Garret and winked at Trey. “I could use a nap.”

Garret’s fingers tightened. “Pedal to the metal, brother.”

Trey sped the truck. “Don’t worry about not seeing all the ranch right away, Megan.” He squeezed her thigh. “We’ll show you the important parts first and all the rest of it later.”

“Important parts? Your bed? Or Garret’s?” She loved feeling so uninhibited, so bold. These guys brought out the naughty in her. It gave her confidence, knowing they were as hot for her as she was for them.

“Yee-haw.” Garret massaged her scalp. “Mine first. It’s bigger.”

“They’re both the same size, hotshot.” Trey’s voice held a touch of laughter. “Don’t be bragging up your junk.”

Megan’s cheeks warmed. Again. Their “junk” impressed her beyond all expectations, and she couldn’t wait to have them sliding into her. Wherever they liked would be fine with her. Her pussy contracted, and her mouth watered, needing them soon. “Let me be the judge of that.”

The guys laughed.

Trey looked around her at his brother. “Since my bedroom’s twice the size of yours, I cleared out part of my closet and a couple drawers. Thought Megan would be comfortable in there.”

Garret’s jaw tightened. “How can I compete with that?”

Staring straight ahead, Trey’s grip tightened on the wheel. “I’ve been spending every night on the ranch. Not one or two weekends a year, brother.” His voice grew lower. “Don’t start again with why I got the big bedroom.”

Megan smiled. The brothers were best friends but too damn proud and set in their ways to let the other one get away with anything. “How about I just stay in a guest bedroom.”

“No,” the men said in unison.

“You’ll like Trey’s suite.” Garret shifted. “It’s damn nice in there.”

“And your room?” She nudged him with her shoulder. “Is it small and smelly, like a barn?”

Trey laughed, and Garret smiled. “It’s Mom and Dad’s old room. When Trey added on to the house, he put two offices and a library on the first floor, and his bedroom on the second.”

“Two offices?” She glanced at her cowboy.

“One for adventure boy there. When he decides to come home and settle down.”

Megan braced for another argument, but Garret just turned his head and looked out the side window. What was on his mind?

Trey pointed out the local sights as they drove, mainly buttes and washes and scrubby bushes all corralled in barbwire fences.

“Looks like this section could use some new posts.” Garret leaned over her to get a better look out the window in the driver’s door.

“Is this all your land?” They’d been traveling for nearly ten minutes.

“Yep.” Trey looked out his window. “Started back about eight miles past the airstrip.” He gestured out the windshield. “Goes to nearly where that mountain range starts.”

“Wow.” She wanted to ask a dozen questions about the size of the ranch, but they all sounded so silly in her own mind. “They do make things bigger in Texas.”

“Baby.” Garret laced his fingers through her hair, along her scalp. “You got that right.” His smile turned wicked.

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