Legend Awakening

Diaries of a Casanova Series, Book 1

The Diaries of a Casanova Series addresses the controversial and often taboo art of The Ultimate Female Orgasm. The books are based on true-life events and real life experiences of co-author, Leo J. Canyon, pen name for a country music artist who has been seen by millions. “Leo” has opened his secret vault, telling his story in this truthful adventure that unfolds through fiction. The series of three books combines a traditional romance with a supernatural twist, and sexual passion so strong it smolders off the page. This mysterious subject begs to be explored, opening discussions for women worldwide. Join us as we take this erotic storytelling journey together. It’s fiction based on truth, guaranteed to get a little rain on you.


When small-town, Southern boy Liam Jackson learns he’s able to evoke The Ultimate Female Orgasm, he’s unprepared for the side effects. With each one he brings forth, he inherits the woman’s sexual uncertainty and frustrations. This frees the woman to love whomever she chooses, but binds Liam’s soul more and more with each encounter, lessening his ability to find love.

Inspired by the rumor of a legendary ritual known as “The Rain Ceremony,” Liam questions whether this ability may be his hereditary legacy. In a reckless search for answers, he creates havoc with the people he cares about most. Reaching the lowest point of his life, he is faced with a pivotal decision: will Liam seek the future his family wants for him, or continue his search for the truth?

As the legend awakens, Liam can no longer ignore the mysterious powers at work within him.

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Liam Jackson stepped out of the raucous locker room into the quiet, sultry air of a Southern Friday night. A cicada buzzed in a tree as he walked toward the closed concession stand. Groups of high school students, parents, and teachers stood talking, but he didn’t have to look to see if Kaylee was still here. He could sense her, almost smell her like a pheromone in the air. A scent he couldn’t place, but one that kind of reminded him of a spring rain. As he turned in her direction, he checked the sky to see if a rain cloud marred the evening sky, but, as usual when he smelled her unique scent, there were no clouds in sight.

“Hey, Liam.” His buddy, Travis Hackers, caught up to him, still wearing his baseball uniform. “Krenshaw’s got a keg, and we’re gonna meet out at the old Dorster farm at nine.”

They’d lost their game tonight, and a consolation beer would help wash away the taste of defeat, but Liam shook his head. “Can’t tonight. I’ve got plans already. With Kaylee.”

“Aw, damn, buddy, I almost forgot. Your grandparents are gone, ain’t they?” Travis grabbed the crotch of his baseball pants. “You’re gonna get some tonight.”

A blast of anger shot through Liam and he faced his friend head-on, squaring his shoulders, wide and heavily muscled from his hours working on the family farm. “Keep it to yourself.” His eyes narrowed and he leaned his six-foot-three-inch frame closer to Travis’s shorter body. “Kaylee is someone special. I don’t want her name thrown around school.”

Stepping back, Travis’s brown eyes widened as he held up his hands in surrender. “Not a word from me, bro. You got my promise.”

Liam didn’t mean to offend his only friend, but he had it bad for Kaylee. He cooled his temper and winked at Travis. “It’s okay. Guess you hit a nerve, there.” He ran his hand through his dark brown hair. “Yeah, I’m hoping I’ll be gettin’ some tonight.”

“Good luck.” Travis grinned and wandered away.

Two months ago, since he’d turned eighteen, Liam had lived a wild ride of emotions. Anger and confusion warring day and night. And daydreams. Visions that ran like movies in his head. Things that startled him, but at the same time fascinated him. Even though he couldn’t remember them exactly, they made him crave something he couldn’t quite put his finger on.

Whatever was happening, or at least felt like it was happening, was big, strange, even monumental. And she was somehow part of it.

“Hi. Looking for me?” Kaylee walked up beside him, tan and confident, tall and leggy in her cut-off jean shorts. A strand of her blonde-streaked brown hair blew across her face and she tucked it behind her ear. Her finger stayed at her earlobe to play with a gold loop earring.

Kaylee. Inside his head, her name sounded so beautiful. Her olive-green eyes found his deep-blue ones. The smile that spread across her pretty face made his breath catch for a moment. On an exhale, he breathed the word, “Tonight.”


He held out his hand and Kaylee slid her palm onto his. That familiar race of awareness caught him, seemed to catch her, too. They stared at each other as the scent of her peach perfume drifted in his direction. It definitely was not the same as the spring rain scent that had lured him to her. That was a special connection, both chemically and emotionally, which ran between them, wild as a March thunderstorm.

Kaylee. There wasn’t another girl he knew who made him feel whole, like he belonged to someone. Before he met her, he’d never desired a woman this much. Thank heaven she’d moved here to Liberation, Tennessee in March. Before he met her, he’d begun to wonder if he’d be a virgin forever.

He leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Are you ready?” Pulling back, he watched her cheeks color. Obviously, she’d understood exactly what he asked.

“I am.” Her Midwestern accent still sounded odd, but cute. She squeezed his hand. “Let’s go.” Her voice purred softly, making her inflection seem sexy.

Was it the anticipation of being with her, looking at her beautiful curves, or was it something else that made his blood rush through his body, heading south, making him dizzy? Could she tell that he’d grown hard as steel in his jeans? “C’mon, let’s go.” His request sounded over-eager to him. They skirted the crowd to avoid having to talk with anyone

Beside him, her flip-flops smacked her feet, and her breasts bounced in her peach tank top. Her hips swayed to the beat of his pulse racing in his ears.

They found his car parked alone in the overflow lot. After tugging open the passenger door, he automatically reached to flip the front seat forward so they could sit in the back like they usually did. Shaking his head, he pulled back his hand. What was he thinking? Tonight he had the house to himself, and he planned to make good use of it.

“Cherry.” Kaylee’s voice came from behind him.

“What?” She didn’t know this was his first time. Did she? He leaned back to look at her.

Kaylee skimmed her hand along the quarter panel of his grandpa’s old 1967 Chevy Malibu. Using the same hand, she brushed her fingers across his stomach. “I want to name your car Cherry.”

“Whatever you say, sweetheart.” No way in hell would he call his car Cherry, but Kaylee could do whatever she wanted tonight. He ushered her into the seat before closing the door and jogging around the front end, smacking his palm on the hood. Hiding his smirk, he pressed his lips together as he imagined them sharing a night of passionate, hot sex. “Damn.”

As he opened the door, he felt high, like a two-beer kind of buzz mixed with the sure knowledge that tonight would be monumental.

He dropped into his seat and started the engine. The 327 roared to life and he snapped on the radio and switched from rock to the pop country she liked so much. It didn’t do anything for him, but he could tolerate whatever made her happy.

Kaylee fastened her seatbelt. “Hurry, Liam.” She bit the corner of her full lower lip, her eyelids drooping. In his head, he heard her command, I can’t wait much longer.

He broke nearly every traffic law getting her to his grandparents’ farm as she quietly sang along to her favorite song, but Liam couldn’t help but reduce his speed the way he always did to check out the bean field he’d planted last month. In the moonlight, he made out the rows of soybeans. Turning down the driveway to the house, he looked out where the green shoots had just started to emerge on the other side of the dirt road. Should they be taller by now?

They’d had two bad years in a row, the crops barely producing the minimum yield they needed to pay the taxes and keep food on the table. Would this year be better?

In the midst of his distraction, a vision overtook Liam. Kaylee, between his legs, her lips wrapping around his hard length.

Smacking his hand on the steering wheel, he laughed. Why was he thinking about the crops when he had the most amazing woman sitting right next to him?

She looked at him from the corner of her eye, sexy as a goddess. “What’s so funny?”

“Not a thing, sweetheart. Not a thing.” He stopped the car by the front steps of the weathered Southern colonial and looked at her.

Kaylee turned to him. “Liam, I just want you to know that whatever happens tonight, happens.” She made an “O” with her hand. “Zero expectations.” Without warning, she grabbed his T-shirt and pulled him to her. With an open-mouthed kiss, she pressed hard into his lips. Wild and unrestrained, her tongue tangled with his, making a lie out of the words she’d just spoken.

As she pulled away, she sighed. “Okay, wow.”

Her kiss, her touch, sent shockwaves of desire to his loins “So, whatever happens happens, huh?” He smirked at her, jumped out of the car, and strode around to open her door. That kiss, hell, where had that come from? It wasn’t anywhere close to the ones he’d shared with her before. As he helped her out, his hand brushed her breast.

She sucked in a breath, and her nipple rose to a point under her shirt.

He circled his tongue in his mouth, wanting a taste of her.

Blinking, Kaylee leaned closer to him. “And whatever that magic is that happens when we touch…”

He nodded once. He couldn’t explain it any better than she could. It was just there between them, their own magic. With his hand on her back, he guided her up the steps and in through the kitchen door. She’d been to the house before but had never seen his bedroom. That would change tonight.

His grandparents had seemed to like her pretty well when she’d met them. Of course, they were probably just relieved that he’d finally taken an interest in one special girl.

Liam turned on a small light under the kitchen cabinet. “Would you like anything?” He pointed to the refrigerator.

She shook her head and tugged him against her. “Show me your bedroom.” Her breasts pressed tightly to his chest, her belly soft and hot against the ridge of his shaft. Was this the same girl he’d been dating? “You sure about this, Kaylee?” They’d only been seeing each for a little over a month, but she seemed more experienced, and definitely older, so he assumed she’d been with other guys before. He didn’t want to rush things tonight, but something inside him drove him to complete this. Whatever this intense link was between them, he wanted it to last, to grow, to bind them together.

“I’m sure, Liam.” Her eyes grew bold as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply.

He let the urge to be with her take over inside him. He ran his tongue along her lips, tasting her peach lip gloss, then plunged inside to twine with her tongue and tickle her cheeks. Walking her backward, he guided her down the dark hallway to his bedroom. He’d left on a lamp with a low wattage bulb. He didn’t want her to notice the scars on his body, souvenirs of a terrifying childhood.

His extra-long double bed had a new black quilt, pillows, and sheets, the cost having wiped out half this month’s spending cash.

Kaylee ended the kiss to look around. “Just like I pictured it.” The wood floor needed refinishing, but his grandmother had scattered a few rugs around on the worst spots. Sports trophies and team pictures sat on shelves above his cheap pressboard desk, but his tall dresser held only one picture; a framed photo of Kaylee and him at the amusement park on senior skip day. “Aw, Liam.” She smiled at the picture. “That’s so sweet.”

Sweet? Great. He wanted her to think of him as her big, hulking stud, not the sweet guy she’d throw away once some real bad-boy caught her eye.

Maybe he just needed to show her his bad side. “Let’s get naked.” He tugged up the bottom of her tank top.

She smiled and that pheromone she gave off thickened like ecstasy in the air. To his brain, it flowed sweet, the scent of a gentle rain. When she lifted her arms over her head, he pulled off her top. Her breasts popped free. They looked as beautiful as he’d imagined them. Large and round, with peach-colored nipples and dark areolas.

His mouth watered.

She shivered.

He leaned in for a taste, pulling one nipple into his mouth while his hands cupped and massaged her breasts. Supple and warm. He flicked her nipple with soft, then fast, tweaks of his tongue. Amazing. Circling it, his tongue tickled the tight bud, then he sucked greedily, wanting all of her that he could get.

He became so consumed with the longing to please her that he barely noticed when she cried out. When she gasped, he eased the pressure, reminding himself to treat her with the gentleness she deserved.

She grabbed his hair, staring deep into his eyes. “No, harder! Don’t stop!”

Filled with wanting, craving, needing her unqualified approval, he devoured her breasts, moving from one nipple to the other, repeating the same technique in time with her heartbeat on his tongue.

Her fingers fisted in his hair, pulling him in roughly. “Yeah, yes, Liam. Oh, wow. Just wow.”

His hands slowly glided along her back, He wanted to suffocate himself in her passion. Although his thoughts raced wildly, there was only one thing he was absolutely sure of. He wanted, craved, needed, to be inside her.

His erection had grown so large that he couldn’t take the gentle lust of the moment any longer. The desire to feel himself deep inside her throat rattled him. To curb the direction of his thoughts, he dropped to his knees.

“Yes, whatever happens, happens.” She ran her fingers through his hair.

Liam looked up at her. Her pupils had widened in her green eyes, her face almost glowing. What was happening to her? To both of them. Had his eyes changed, too? He shook away the thought as he unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts. Tugging them down, he revealed her pink thong embroidered with the word “Cherry.” He spotted the two stemmed cherries set right over the spot he longed to taste, and he nearly laughed out loud.

His mouth watered. “Too cute.” He drawled the words as he pulled her thong down and she stepped out of the remainder of her clothes. As he moved closer to her, even in the dim light of his room, he could see her juicing for him. His heart pounded and his mind raced. He couldn’t remember a word of the how-to books he’d read a hundred times, couldn’t visualize any scenes from the porn that had satisfied him before her. He had no clue what came next, but he did know one thing for sure; he didn’t want to make any mistakes. The need to please her grew inside him, swelling and shifting around his heart.

His big, work-roughened hand skimmed softly up her thigh to her hip, taking pains not to move too fast. He needed to be careful. In his mind, he fought the urge to devour her in lust. He’d always been taught it was best to respect a lady.

He leaned forward and kissed her sweet lips, sliding one finger slowly but instantly deep. As his strokes moved steadily in and out of her, wet cream coated his digit. For a moment, he could almost taste the spring rain, and his whole body jerked, setting both his hands shaking. Mentally he paused, calming himself. He needed to resist the temptation to take her fast and hard.

As Kaylee’s hands cupped his face, through her touch he could sense her strong anticipation. “Liam, everything is fine. Just take your time.”

“I’m sorry, Kaylee. Don’t tell me to stop—”

She shoved his face into her sweetness, cutting off his words.

He hated the submissive behavior he exhibited, but right now, he would bow down and be her slave just as long as she’d let him continue.

As she ground herself into his face, she shuddered. “Liam, babe, you don’t have to be nervous. I know this is your first time.” Her mouth said one thing while her body communicated something else. She tugged at his T-shirt, and didn’t allow him to help her take it off. Kaylee became more aggressive by the minute.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, a sense of insecurity arose. An almost childlike panic. Did she feel he wasn’t man enough to control the situation?

She insisted on taking off his boots.

Seeing the sexy small of her back giving way to her heart-shaped bottom, he almost lost control. With the clomp of the second boot dropping, he found the confidence he’d been lacking. He unzipped his pants and stood. In one quick jerk, he pushed his jeans and briefs down to his knees.

“Taste me, Kaylee.”

His turgid thickness, free in the cool air, bobbed and bounced with each heartbeat.

Kaylee just stood and stared.