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You Can Be One of Randi’s Review Crew!


What does the Review Crew do?

If you can read and review a book in 10 days, we want you to be one of Randi’s Review Crew. Here’s how it works: you’ll be sent an e-book, and all you have to do is read it and review it on Amazon and Goodreads (if you review there) within 10 days! (Of course, exceptions will be made for unavoidable circumstances.)

You’ll get free books, and Randi will benefit from your honest reviews. The Review Crew will receive Randi’s newest releases, and during months where there is no book release, we’ll be choosing a backlist book to read and review (and we’ll be sure to keep them in series order!) Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Please sign up today!

If you’re ready to join the Crew, complete the Google Form at Review Crew Signup

Please contact Randi if you have any questions. (Your information will be kept strictly confidential and stored on a secure site. Thank you for joining Randi’s Review Crew, and get ready for some awesome reading!