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Hi! I’m Randi Alexander, and I write cowboy erotic romance.

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No, wait.” Toni clung harder to Cash’s arm. He outweighed her by double, but he turned back to her. “There’s something I need to tell you.” She moved closer, working up her courage.

He looked at her with his soft, brown eyes. Kind. Always kind since the day she came

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After a minute, Trace panted, “Macy, darlin’,” as he crashed to her side, pulling her on top of him. “You won the bet. Anything you want is yours. You just need to ask.” His heart gradually slowed to normal, while his body tingled with a major afterglow.

She kissed his

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Trace stood behind her and spread his palms across her bare upper back, then he eased them down her sides. “You’re so small.” His hands wrapped around her waist, nearly spanning it. “And you smell so good…” He pressed his cheek against her hair and took a deep breath. “Flowers.” 

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Her thigh muscles tightened, pushing his hand in closer, his calluses softly abrading her swollen flesh, kicking up her desire and sending her spinning.

His finger slid into her slick folds, then deeper, up inside her. “Baby, you’re wet for me, aren’t you?”

The demanding penetration against her oversensitized flesh

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Welcome to the first annual “Spring Into Summer” book blog giveaway hop co-hosted with Release Notes. This giveaway hop will run from 12:00 a.m. on June 17 through 11:59 p.m. on June 21.


Thank you for ‘hopping’ by my website. I’m giving away an e-novella, Her Cowboy Stud 


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5 HEARTS from Sizzling Hot Book Reviews: Chase and Seduction is a full character story that has lots of hot, sexy scenes that keeps us revved up. No road is ever smooth, but some bumps along the way make for a better journey in the end. And this is …

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And damned if her feet didn’t choose that moment to stumble over themselves and send her flailing backward to smack her ass against the car door. Thank heaven the car was there, or her white capris pants would now be collecting a sample of Texas dirt.

While she was busy

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Chase must have recognized the wistfulness in her eyes, because he stood and walked to the edge of the two steps leading into his trailer. “Reno, I can be a gentleman.” He put one booted foot on the step and reached out his hand.

She glanced up into his eyes,

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I’m having a hard time believing Chase and Seduction will be released from The Wild Rose Press Friday. It seems like such a short time since I started writing it. And I did not do it alone. Writing is a solo occupation, but I have so many people to thank …

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