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This month, our excellent authors are giving us their list of the 5 songs they must have on their iPod (or iPad or phone) or songs that they can’t help but dance to when they hear them. I bet you’ll find some surprises here!


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As part of the 5 Things series, I asked some wonderful authors where they like to go to recharge, or if they’re not rechargers, where their dream vacation would take them. Check out their answers and leave a comment letting us know where you’d love to be right now!

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In March, our fabulous authors told us their 5 Must-Haves for Writing. Last month, I asked them what they like best about being a writer. This month, our awesome authors talk about their rules for life.


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Three very different stories, but each of them captured my attention and my heart. I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I did!


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Her Fated Cowboy by Donna Michaels


I loved this book, and actually read it twice. The characters are alive and …

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I asked a random cross-section of authors what they need next to them while they’re writing. I limited it to the 5 Must-Haves, because looking at the table next to my LazyGirl chair, there are about 50 things—seriously. And I told them that X-rated items are fine, so you’ll find …

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