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Annie walked out of the bathroom and climbed the three steps onto the stage. She tried to avoid looking at Rafe. Didn’t want to see him with another woman when she wanted to be the one wrapped around him. But she was unable to resist one quick glance. Oh, God.

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Warning: An erotic romance excerpt.

Chase’s thumb found her clit, rubbing, circling, bringing her higher, his other hand went to her breast and tweaked her nipple. He looked into her eyes. “Please, what, Reno?”

“Please.” She could smell her own musky scent. “I’m close.”

His nostrils flared as he breathed …

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Warning: Erotic Excerpt

“Rance, I’m not sure about this.” Tabatha’s nerves wrangled her mind into a slight panic.

“Sorry, no refunds.” He chuckled and moved closer. “You’ll be fine. I’ll be right next to you the whole time.” With his hands on her waist, he lifted her onto the bull.…

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Chase opened his mouth and took Reno’s finger in, his teeth gently biting the first knuckle as his tongue tickled up and down on the pad. Then he wrapped his lips around her finger and sucked, keeping up the tongue action.

Reno closed her eyes and shook with the desire …

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